Paddington Village MSCP

Paddington Village MSCP

The overall concept is being driven by Regenerating Liverpool, which is part of Liverpool City Council.

A 14-storey car park offering 1,245 bays was the challenge presented to Killelea’s design and delivery teams, which recognises our established expertise in multi-story car park construction.

Liverpool is undergoing a £14bn regeneration led renaissance over several years that will include developments such as Everton FC’s new stadium. Paddington Village is a 30-acre site representing a £1 billion flagship expansion. Supporting residential accommodation, shops and restaurants as well as offices, laboratories, and events space, the new multi-storey car park (MSCP) is a critical component of the overall plan and is included in the first phase of this major development.

Structural steel elements of the Paddington Village 14-storey MCSP

Killelea were contracted to design, supply and erect the primary steel framework. Some of the detailed deliverables included:
• UC & UKC stanchions
• UC, UB and UKB internal floor beams with shop welded shear studs
• Traditional floor beams at gables and side elevations
• Tie and edge beams
• Sloping ramp steelwork
• Bracings in cross flats

The hot rolled steelwork was acid picked and galvanised to 85 microns to provide a robust coating. It was shot blasted and primed with an epoxy-rich primer in readiness for fire paint.

Technical Specification

Challenges Killelea overcame

There were two principal issues that the team had to resolve:
• Working safely at height
• Logistics of operating in a city centre site

Operating a 125ft MEWP (Mobile Elevated Work Platform – cherry picker) required specialist operator skills. The workforce was given advanced training on H&S for working at heights to minimise risk, which is a top priority in our company ethos.

Two 100T cranes (capable of lifting 100 tonnes) were required to position the steel.
Because the basement area is occupied, we ran a “Missile Test” by dropping various masses from a height equivalent to the top of the structure to ensure they did not penetrate the floor, or damage it.

Road delivery of the steel itself from our Rossendale plant to the central Liverpool site involved careful planning of the optimum route and liaising with the relevant authorities for the 50 mile journey, avoiding peak hours.

Eco-Friendly: Clean bill of health for the Killelea MSCP design

Ramboll UK are part of a global organisation that specialises in recommending and monitoring responsible business conduct and sustainable practices with special focus on the physical environment in which life unfolds – natural resources, infrastructure, buildings and structures, urban spaces.

Ramboll performed an assessment of the air quality impacts associated with the proposed development of this MSCP and adjacent Energy Centre to predict pollutant concentrations arising from the design.

They modelled 32 relevant sensitive receptor locations – places where the public may be expected to be regularly present – to forecast emissions from vehicles using the MSCP.

The conclusions determined that “..the overall effect of the Proposed Development on annual mean NO2 concentrations at existing sensitive receptor locations is judged to be negligible.”

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Paddington Village MSCP


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