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Local MP for Rossendale & Darwen Jake Berry paid KILLELEA a visit recently to see the work we are doing to encourage the uptake of apprentices in the engineering and manufacturing sectors. MP Jake Berry launched his second initiative to encourage businesses in Rossendale and Darwen to recruit 100 apprentices in 100 days back in May 2013. Since then Managing Director Bob Killelea has recruited 7 apprentices who will work alongside our highly skilled craftsmen in various areas throughout the company. The initiative is seen as a unanimous success and by October 2013, 203 young people had found apprenticeships within Rossendale and Darwen; that figure has continued to grow as the economy has shown definite signs of stable recovery. Local businesses are keen to develop the skills which our local young people have in abundance and here at KILLELEA we see it as essential to our continued steady growth and as part of our social responsibilities to help those young people acquire the experience and skills they need in the workplace.

Whilst here, Bob Killelea took the opportunity to show Jake, KILLELEA’s latest investment, the new Peddinghaus High Speed Flat Bar and Drill Line 2500 (HSFDB2500.) The new line will increase both the capacity of the Fittings Bay and drastically increase productivity. This investment shows our commitment to steady and sustained growth.